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The largest journeys start with a single step

Well everything needs a start and so this may as well be ours. As some of you know Kailey and I love to travel and are fortunate enough to be at a spot in our lives where we have the rare opportunity to take a step back from the grind of normal life and take a once in a lifetime opportunity to travel as far and wide as we can manage.

To make a long story short (and you can find more info in the about us and about the trip sections) I am a public school teacher preparing to receive my federal loan forgiveness for five years of service in a high needs school. Kailey has just finished her master’s degree at UW and is starting to apply all that she has accomplished with her research either to a PhD or teaching depending on the timing and opportunities that are available. We are getting married on August 6th and due to several other weddings this summer (our only time to travel) we can’t really take the honeymoon we both would want to. So why not take advantage of this one small window in life and jump?

Begining September of 2012 we are planning an around the world trip. We have started this blog to keep a running diary of our planning (so you can give input), our saving (so you can encourage us to survive on cup o noodles) and our trip (so you can share in our adventure or even meet up and join us). I am new to this whole blogging thing and Kailey is the pro so bear with me while I get up to speed.

– Sam