About the trip

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The world is just awesome, and there are literally thousands of places that we would like to see. Even in a day and age where you can see places by sitting in front of a computer screen there really is no substitute for actually setting foot in a place that you have read about your whole life and wondered what it would actually feel like to be there.

So where do we want to go? Well here is our list of places we want to go see and why we want to go there!

Quito, El Salvador: Gateway to the Galapagos Islands, which is an absolute must see on any biology geeks list, and we are both huge science geeks so we agreed we wanted to go here.

Lima, Peru: Machu picchu… why not challenge ourselves in a high elevation and see what great civilations have done?

Manaus, Brazil: Can I say opera house in the Jungle and the headwaters of he Amazon River. Kailey has read about this place since a little girl and would finally like to see it in person. We also hope to treck into the rainforest a bit (with guides) to see the Amazon River dolphins (Kailey has studied these) and to make it to a location to see Sun Conures in the wild (our little guy named Brilijhando del Sol in portuguese, Blaze in English (our parrot) is one of these).

Rio Di Janero, Brazil: SAMBA!!!! BEACHES!!! Did anyone see the movie Rio?

Johanesburg, South Africa: Safari!!!!

Capetown, South Africa: Beachs and Sharks πŸ™‚

Kenya: Kilimanjaro anyone… I may watch Sam do this while I go to a wildlife park. Tanzania is just a hop skip and a jump away… home to Gombe…and Jane Goodall πŸ™‚

Oporto, Portugal:

Madrid, Spain: anything but a bull fight for Kailey…

Paris, France: Oui!

Amsterdam, Netherlands:

Berlin, Germany:

Tubigen, Germany: Oh Onkel Mark und deine Frau Susanna, wir euch besuchen!!! Got to visit my uncle in Germany!!

Munich, Germany:

Svalbard, Norway: Arctic marine mammal Meca!!!!! Walrus, polar bears, seals, whales…. and it is just fun to say… come on give it a try…

Oslo, Sweden:
Helsinki, Finland: Hopefully meet best friend there for fun

St. Petersburg, Russia: ASHLEY TIME!!!! My best friend since I was 12 lives here with her family and I would love to visit their home town.

Tokyo, Japan:

Bali, Indonesia: Eat, Pray Love…. the Love part and FIREFLIES!!!! Also we need to catch up with Sam’s Uncle Roger and give him some realestate advice :-).

Darwin, Australia: Awesome dude, Awesome place…

Perth, Australia: Might as well hit the far west as well as the far east.

Cairns, Australia:

Brisbane, Australia:

Sydney, Australia:

Adelaide, Australia:

New Zealand:

American Somoa: One reason… to visit Turner πŸ™‚ our groomsman!

Hawaii: Sam’s never been and Kailey has to show him up surfing.

San Diego, California: one last drop of sunshine πŸ™‚


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