Blog Roll Call

Hello All,

After close to three months of blogging and traveling we are curious about how many people are actually reading, following or stalking us through this blog, so in the comment box below sign your name or initials and let us know.


~Sam and Kailey


12 responses to “Blog Roll Call

  1. I’ve been stalking you… but I think you already knew that. šŸ™‚ Then I fill Jordan in with the main details… or occasionally read him part of your posts. Still waiting for you to get better internet so we can see pics!! Excited to hear more details when you get home. xoxo -megs

  2. You know we are following you. Have enjoyed each and every adventure. What an adventure this has been for you, it will be a forever memory.

  3. Lucky you guys! Sounds like much fun. Especially the heat!
    ~Nichole in cold, cold Brooklyn

  4. Love your blog.
    Nonnie and Poppie

  5. Mooers on the Marsh

    we definitely follow your travels and get vicarious thrills from your escapades, though sometimes we don’t read the blogs promptly (in typical Mooers style!) Party on! Auntie M

  6. Anxiously await your every blog. Have enjoyed them all so much except, of course for those pesky little bugs! Keep writing.

  7. See you soon.

  8. It is my ‘cup of fun’ every day – sometimes I even re-read šŸ™‚ I think you should publish the blog with selected photos!! I would certainly purchase a copy or two!!

  9. of course we are following you!!! Just not the last 2 weeks! Hugs to you both! Miss you tons.

  10. Now I am so excited over you four going out on the Romara in Sydney with Howard. What a grand time I think you will have. Yes, I am green with envy, will need pictures too. Love all the pictures you have shown us.

  11. Present! Sorry I’m late Mr. Garson…..

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