Happy Thanksgiving from Down Under!!

Number of animals we have tried to kill: 0
Number of animals that have tried to kill us: 2 (a spider and an emu both went after Sam)

Hello Again!

Happy Thanksgiving from Australia, we just finished the first leg of our Australia (covering some of the state of Western Australia) road trip by driving from Perth up to Shark’s Bay to go to Monkey Mia then back down to Fremantle. We stopped in Kalbarri on the way up and Geraldton on the way down. We are currently in Kalgoorlie where we are preparing to cross the Nullarbor (A huge wide expanse of nothing along the southern coast) After we cross the Nullarbor we will then be in Pt. Augusta and the state of South Australia.

Since we have become mobile campers we have learned and adjusted to camping life pretty easily. Our camper van is equipped with a sink with a water can that you use via a pump to get water, basic pot/pan dishes and utensils. We have a single burner on top of a small propane tank, stowage in the main van area behind the front seats, and sleeping mats. Our camper also came with two stool chairs and a small cooler to store cool items in. It is bare bones, but we are getting by with some enhancements. One of the other things that our campervan comes with is 250,000 Km worth of graffiti and writing all over the inside of the van. A lot of the previous residents have left their mark (literally in sharpie) on the inside of the van, the dents on the outside are also evidence of previous adventurers. We do have our own sharpie and are planning out the message we shall leave the next people who take over our van, which we have named Angus. We have decided that it is also nice to have the following for your Wicked Campervan Experience:

– An outdoor extension cord, splitter and adapter (You still need to charge stuff when traveling)
– Food storage bins (to keep the ants and other bugs out of your stuff)
– Ample easy cooking and non-cooking food (when it is windy our single burner doesn’t really work).
– Water (lots of that, there is not always drinking water where we are going)
– Basic cleaning supplies (we don’t need to make ourselves sick from our situation)
– Get crafty and make screens for the passenger and driver side windows so you can have fresh air when you want it. (we veltcrow those to the outside of the van when we are stopped for the night)
– A Fan (YES, we got a fan and when you are in 100+ degree weather you will want some sort of fan too so you can sleep a bit at night instead of sweating/baking to death in our tin can)
– A little battery opperated lantern (it was a last minute buy, but we use it every night as apparently our interioir lights drain our battery although they are not supposed too)
– Mosquito net, seriously no one wants to catch a deadly disease from a mosquito, and there are quite a few nasty diseases that the little blood suckers carry around this area.
– EXTRA FUEL (We are carrying 40L, two big cans as sometimes it gets a little scary as to where the next fuel station is. We hope to not have to use our fuel until the end and just because we have it to use). Along with this we have extra coolant, oil, and our van came with jumper cables, breaking down in the middle nowhere does not sound even remotely like an adventure that we want to experience.
– Van Mascot, this is essential to any road trip as without one you are simply a couple of people driving a ridiculous distance. However, with a mascot you are now an awesome team of adventurers! Our mascot is Herbie the stuffed toy hamster we found in a clearance bin at the grocery n store for 1 Australian dollar.
-Pillows, for the demanding sleeper in us all, a good pillow is essential for a good nights rest inside the van. Even better is if the pillow then converts to a quilt to help with those cold desert nights.
– A mini flexible cooler is nice to have along as well for some cold drinks while you roast in the sun.
– Sunscreen and bug-spray are a must as well. Sunscreen since there is no where to hide when you are in either car seat and the sun is cooking you on a 6 hour drive, and bug-spray is needed unless you plan to only eat raw foods at night while hiding in the van.
-Sleeping bags/sacks are good too since really the mattresses are there so you don’t realize you are sleeping on particle board.
-Stereo to Stereo adapter cable to plug in an ipod to the stereo, since the CD player does not work! This is a huge problem to discover after you find the coveted John Williamson CD of Australian folk songs that you are dying to rock out to.
– GPS, buy one for way cheaper then renting one and you will hopefully never get too lost driving on the left side of the road.

Other than our supply list all is well in OZ. Perth is a nice city that has a very Seattle feel to it especially the waterside suburb of Fremantle. There are a lot of open spaces, walking paths and parks for all to enjoy. Kalibarri was a very pretty beach town and where we saw our first wild pink gallahs (a parrot type bird found all over in Australia, Kailey secretly would like one as a pet). Sharks bay and Monkey Mia Resort are amazing and the laid back low-scale resort pops up out of nowhere. Sharks Bay is a World heritage site and was on Kailey’s bucket list. We did see the dolphins while there which are famous and we also saw the stromatolites (google that one peeps). Kailey also got to meet and chat with Dolphin researcher Richard Connor who has been studying the dolphins there for 30 years. Good times had by all marine biology dorks on this trip = us :-)! On our way back down we stopped over in Geraldton for the night after sweating to death in 100+ degree weather on our drive back down. We were greeted in Geraldton by a nice thunder and lightening storm that thankfully cooled off the place.

We spent Thanksgiving in Fremantle where we treated ourselves to a lovely fish and chip’s dinner at an establishment that has been around for over 100+ years. It was good and we were super full afterwards, but it was worth it. Our camping meals have been good and well balanced, but it was nice to not have to cook for ourselves for the night.

Currently we are getting ready to leave Kalgoorlie to head to Balladonia and begin our trek crossing the Nullarbor Plain (code for an aussie desert). In a few days we should be arriving in Port Augusta and making our way towards Sydney.

We are still working on the photo albums and finally have things organized and almost fully edited and ready to post more albums. Internet in OZ is not as readily available as it is in America so you just have to be patient to see what we have seen.

Have a good weekend and following week.

~ K. and Sam

Packing Up Our Home

Our Sweet Ride, Worms Anyone?

Back Of Our Van!

Chef Sam At Work

On The Road Again….And Again….And Again….

Stromatolites! (google it)

Bucket List: Visit Monkey Mia and Their Dolphins and The Researchers….CHECK!

Sam’s Frenemy The Emu

Niki and Her One Week Old Baby Calf

Dr. Richard Connor and Kailey Saying Hi To Lynne Barre

Happy Thanksgiving From OZ!

Kailey Spread Some Thanksgiving Cheer To The Road With Her Sign!

Thanksgiving Dinner A La Fremantle

Herbie The Van Mascot/Superhero Depending On The Situation.


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