Austria and Switzerland Together


Hello All,

For your enjoyment and leisurely read, we’ve combined our adventures into one easy to read bulletin of things we’ve done as the photos rather speak for themselves.

Austria Photo Journal
Switzerland Photo Journal

48 Hours In Austria:

– Sound of Music Tour
– City wandering
– Eating at an awesome veggie/vegan cafe
– Enjoyed the pouring rain

96 Hours in Switzerland:

-Arrived in the dark rain, missed the last bus to the hostel and took a taxi
-Woke up the next day to sun and mountains.
-Hung out with our roomies (Larissa and Alee).
-Cable car rides to the mountains (First and Manlichen).
-Hiked from Manlichen to Kleine Schleidegg.
-Watched the Swiss air force practice over the mountains.
-Repaired Sam’s duffel bag with super glue, duct table and a screw driver.
-Listened to the cowbells echo throughout the hills.
-Made delicious homemade meals at the hostel.
-Sunbathed and relaxed.

Overall this week was good and although it rained on us quite a bit it was nice to get out of the cities and into small towns where we could get some fresh mountain air in our lungs. We spent as much time as we could just out walking around, since we were in some of the most beautiful vistas ever. We also cooked and just relaxed at our hostel. Fall in mountain towns definitely moves at a very slow pace and so we had no problem just slowing down and enjoying the areas. Austria was a bit tough since it POURED the entire time, but we still got out and walked through the city a bunch in addition to our sound of music tour. Switzerland likewise had a bit of clouds and rain, but it also had sun and amazing sunsets, mountains and a nice picture book feel to it. It was very easy to fall into the lifestyle of the town and just wander, hike and stare up.

After our time there we left the hostel and headed to the train station. On the way Kailey got to play interpreter between an elderly Swiss woman and a group of Taiwanese tourists. Kailey and the woman then proceeded to talk to each other about how she spoke German so well, and the interesting mix of tourists in the Swiss mountains (p.c. for why there are so many Asian nationalities represented). We arrived in Milan that evening and found some decent pizza. We got back to our hostel and fell asleep so we could wake up early the next morning and try to find Rae at the subway station near us. Until next time for our two week Italy recap unless something else happens along the way.

~ K. and Sam

One response to “Austria and Switzerland Together

  1. Really enjoyed this story and the totally beautiful pictures. Oh those mountains………….Sam, so darn glad you had your camera…
    Warm hugs to you both. Grandmama

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