We’ve been gone how long???


A MONTH!!!! 10/10/2012

Well we find parts of this post hard to believe while others are easy to believe.

To Kailey thus far the trip seems like a big whirlwind adventure with definite moments of when are we going home… Moments have been surreal and others have been very concrete. I am still trying to wrap my head around being gone a month and all the places we have seen along with the things we have done. I think for a trip like this you can only be prepared to a certain level, then you kind of just have to fly by the seat of your pants and take everything as it is presented to you making the most out of what ever it is (including stinky moldy hostels). As for traveling with the man I married, it has been overall a good experience as I know that there is always someone there to protect me and watch my back. This doesn’t go without saying that we together have not had challenges where communication has ceased to exist and stubbornness along with lack of sleep gets in the way. We are both guilty there. It is also hard at times to land in a new place after reading about it and then with your time trying to decide what to do, especially with fall and winter creeping upon us. Overall I am grateful for this opportunity and for everything to have worked out thus far. I am also grateful for technology that has allowed us to more easily keep in contact with life back home and for me to be able to see my pets that I miss all the time. I know to some when we return it will be like we were not really gone that long, but to others it will seem like an eternity.

To Sam it’s been a realization. You spend your whole life dreaming of taking a trip around the world, you spend months and months planning and saving, and then one day you wake up in Iceland looking out on 4 months of travel. It’s hard to process, and fully envision what life will be like and the reality is ever-changing. Traveling alone for a month or so has been something I have done a few times in my life and was always an interesting experience. This is not like that, traveling with another person, a person you are married to is another experience entirely. It has thus far been one that while different then I imagined is none the less even better then I imagined. Things that I never did alone (like socialize easily, strike up conversations with every person, plant and animal, and generally find ways to end up off the beaten path thanks to a conversation) are commonplace. I think the first few places were a learning curve as we figured out the best course for our travel. We had never really gone to a place together before not knowing what we would do, or see when we got there. Planning on the fly TOGETHER was a very new challenge. So after a month I think we are getting better at it by the day, learning about each other in ways that rarely present themselves in the comfort of normal routines, and getting to have experiences that will be memories for us to look back on some day. It’s been a long, fast crazy month and I cannot wait to see what the next two will bring.

Overall though we are having a good time, minus Kailey’s current head cold and we’ve enjoyed the things we have seen and done and do not feel like we’ve missed out on anything.

We were asked by our Brazilan roomates tonight (Andre and Falco) what has been our favorite part thus far and besides our awesome family time in Germany at the Bailer-Genther Gasthaus, Iceland has been our favorite experience to date.

Our favorite meal:

Kailey: Les Crustaceans – Fish Soup (like red chowder), Sea-bass on roasted veggies and potatoes with a red wine sauce, and chocolate mousse.

Sam: Breizh Cafe – Gallette with asparagus, tomato, chorizo, cheese and sunny side up egg, local cider, and salted caramel pear crepe for dessert. All local, all sustainable, all delicious.

Our Favorite hostel (Mark and Susanne are disqualified for sheer awesomeness):

Kailey: Our House, Reykjavik Iceland

Sam: Our House, Reykjavik Iceland

Our Favorite Day:

Kailey: Our lazy beach day in Nice.

Sam: Going punting on the Neckar River in Tubingen.

Our Favorite Night:

Kailey: Carving pumpkins with my Germany family (Mark, Susanne and Basti) and Sam.

Sam: Going into Stuttgart for the Wassen (their Oktoberfest) and Football match.

Our Favorite Activity:

Kailey: Northern Lights Tour

Sam: Northern Lights Tour

Our Favorite Person(s) We Met:

Kailey: Tie between Erin from Canada, Emma from New Zealand and David from Oz.

Sam: The family from China on their way to Munich who shared their beer and chili sauce as well as invited me to visit them (and actually meant it).

Until another month passes,
~ K. and Sam

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