Where are the Toms?

Hi All,

So when packing I was excited to bring my grey pair of Toms with me to Europe and then I would possibly be a hip with the times fashionista as I traveled the world. I did not purchase my Toms, but were given them as an awesome birthday present and I have worn them a lot since then. My plan was to bring them and then if they wore out as they are wearing at the toes a bit then I would discard them in what ever country we were in and get a new pair. Four countries down and countless feet studied, I have yet to see a respective countryman/woman in Iceland, England, Belgium or France wearing Toms. HMMMMMMM… perhaps this is just an American fashion thing as many people I know have multiple pairs of the shoe.

In Paris I got super excited as I glimpsed a pair of bright red Toms, but it turns out they were worn by another American tourist ahead of me in line boo(See Photo).


So my quest continues to solve this mystery, perhaps when I am in Germany in a few days I will be able to communicate with my German family and get to the bottom of why I am not seeing Toms in Europe thus far. Stay tuned for further updates 🙂
~ K.

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