Sam has TravelADD… Do you?

Hi All,

It is me Kailey writing this post. I wanted to explain a phenomena that may also happen in your family. Currently we are high in the air flying from Iceland to our next destination, London and the TravelADD has kicked in again :-). This phenomena tends to strike when ever Sam is confined in a moving transportation device such as a car, ferry or airplane. We’ll see if we experience the same phenomena on trains and other transportation devices we have yet to encounter. Sam is aware of his affliction with this phenomena, but has yet to find the best way to cope with it.

Initial symptoms include:
*Investigating all electronics carried by said person and within the space as well.
*Asking lots of questions and filling in all involved parties with random statements and comments that often leave all involved parties with the thought of “what made you think of that?” (more commonly known as the WTF statement). Sometimes Sam has an answer to this question and other times you are left….hanging, but you definitely know when TravelADD has kicked in.
*Finding the transportation device on board media entertainment and investigating every aspect of it to its fullest, headphones plugged in just incase you need to listen to something right away.
*Sometimes TravelADD kicks in simply while waiting to board the transportation device.

Cures and solutions:
While we have yet to get to the bottom of this phenomenon that afflicts Sam, I wish those who are also affected by it the best of luck and lots of tolerance by all involved family members and loved ones. Often those afflicted do not see the light until someone from the outside is able to point it out. We are coping with TravelADD as best as we can, but trying to not let it take over our physical movements from place to place. As a wife of someone afflicted with this phenomena I know that once we arrive in our new destination that my husband will come back to me. In the meantime he knows I love him very much with his TravelADD and I just let him zone out with his vices to get him through it :-)!


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