Iceland Pictures and Details… We Need HELP!!!

Hello Everyone,

Well it is almost 1am here and Sam and I really need to get to bed so we can get up, repack life and get on our way to the airport to fly to our next stop… London.  We have our pictures loaded and edited a bit on the IPad we have but we are currently having difficulties making any sort of web album…. GRRRRRRR. Any Mac users out there with Iphoto who know how to make a web album, organize pictures (we´ve been using two cameras and need to sync them together) or anything about organizing a photo journal? We are so confused and want to share our awesome photos with you. 

Right now I really wish we had a PC with us and I could use my Picasa skills to make things happen.  We can access Picasa through Safari but I will have to spend hours re-editing photos. 


Thanks for any help, pointers our blog readers have and thanks for being patient with us while we figure things out. 



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