T minus 6…

Hi All,

I am not sure how many people will be reading about our adventures as we go along on our trip, but we are currently down to 6 days until we depart for Iceland. I, Kailey definitely feel anxious, nervous and a bit stressed out over all the packing and planning that has gone into this trip.  Currently I am wondering if what I packed (I am almost packed) is the right stuff and do I have to much or too little. I feel like this is a common freak out point to any trip :-). Sam thus far seems pretty calm about the whole thing, but maybe he is internally stressed out and not showing it.

So my advive for anyone trying to spend 4 months traveling is:

a) to plan ahead and make lots of lists

b) plan some of your trip by the seat of your pants when you land in the country of choice.

c) see what you have before you go buy things and decided if that will work or not, including toiletries.

We have made tons of lists over the past year and a half that we have been working on this, some of our lists have helped tremendously and others have just been good to see things on paper.  Last night when we did out toiletry run, it was quick and effiecient.  You can also buy some things along the way if that is your style.

So where are we really going and what are we really doing?  Here is a summary to the previous list!

Many people have asked us if we know what we are doing in each location.  Short answer: NO WAY!!!  🙂 We are still trying to decided what we want to do at our first stop in Iceland…We think it will be the Blue Lagoon (http://www.bluelagoon.com/ ), horseback ridding on Icelandic horses, and a Northern Lights tour… but it will depend on the weather and how we are feeling.

After Iceland we are off to London and we did book our Harry Potter Tour tickets (http://www.wbstudiotour.co.uk/ It’s going to be awesome!!!!) and we are planning on staying in a hostel for two nights to see the sights of London then drive to the country to visit my friend and her family in Wiltshire for a night. On the way we shall see Stone Hedge and other sights and practice driving on the left side of the road… :-).

From London we are off to mainland Europe where we will spend some time in Belgium, France, then Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy.  We are meeting friends in France, family in Germany (Kailey’s Uncle, Aunt and cousin lives there), and traveling with a friend in Italy.  We are then off to St. Petersburg Russia to see Kailey’s best friend Ashley and her family before heading to Bali. In Bali we hope to meet up with Sam’s Uncle Rodger and meet the local Island people. After Bali we fly into Perth and drive across Australia to Sydney for Kailey’s Brother’s wedding.   Sam’s parents fly in post wedding and the four of us are off to New Zealand for Christmas and New Years before we fly to L.A. and visit Mickey and Minni as well as hopefully the Ellen DeGeneres Show. After those last events it is back to home and to see our animals and back to work.

Well I better get back to Hostel searching and more planning with Sam.  JOY!!! (Heavy Sarcasm). Keep Smiling and having fun days!

~K. and S.

One response to “T minus 6…

  1. We will be checking your blog,please be safe and have a wonderful time.

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